Album Review Saturdays 2023 Episode 25

Beyond Your Radio Album Review Saturdays are often picked to challenge us, as listeners, into an experience that could be vastly different than the prior week, the month, or in this episode’s case, quite some time.  First off, we have a great appreciation for classical, but it’s been a while for me and Mozart.  I’ve been Bach-ing myself into a corner.  Well, that ended this week after listening to the delicate ivories of Su Yeon Kim, but did it have my Bach when all was said and done?  And since I was apparently all-in for another listening challenge, I dove into what I expected to be an Australian Eagles meets Fleetwood Mac in a low-fi fingerstylings indie folk rock band out of Australia.  Did it deliver my first expectations?  Finally, there’s rumblings in the Ripple Music social media realm and fuzz guitar environment that a particular band’s latest release could very well make them “King” of the albums of 2023!  What?!  Could it be?!  Only one way to find out.


This week we were able to pull off another YouTube channel version, which adds two very interesting albums to the great reviews below, so check it out!  [Available Soon]


Su Yeon Kim – Mozart Recital

When it comes to the skill set required to play classical, launch it as a recital without accompaniment of other instruments or an orchestra, it is a daunting task that is pretty much reserved for an elite pianist, an experienced veteran archeologist of a music notes and compositions.  While I’m not saying these are scarce, as that is not the case, I am saying those with the bravery to put themselves to the ultimate test of not only conquering the majestic classic mountain but delivering it in published-for-all-the-world to hear for profit are very rare, endangered species.  Su Yeon Kim’s Mozart Recital is tale told by the dangling principles of a Korean master pianist, professoring Mozart into a stand-alone performance that fills every inch of space along the ivories.

While it takes us to Sonata 9 to truly get to those spaces, the compositional tackling is precision.  As I stated before, I do like Mozart, but Bach is my foppish, wig wearing jam with pinkies up.  However, once we hit the Sonata 9 and proceed to complete the recital, I had a much stronger appreciation for the compositions and the exacto delivery.  There’s not a solitary doubt in my mind that Ms. Kim is a dynamo at the keys, and that collaborations and orchestrations would appear as easy as making a cheese sandwich.  Now that this album is going to open up some western doors, I am hoping that her technical expertise needed for competitive reasons might take a slight back seat to compositions that blur the lines and explore classical environments against modern movements, showcasing creativity within, as I have also hear her play Back, Chopin, and Beethoven, and she’s got it all in black and white.  Time for some colour and a leap of structure.  I know I and others that have heard this recording have that similar excited hope.

Mozart Recital Tracklisting

  1. Gigue in G major, K474 ‘Eine kleine Gigue’
  2. 12 Contredanses for Count Czernin (Nos 1) K296b
  3. 12 Contredanses for Count Czernin (Nos 2) K296b
  4. 12 Contredanses for Count Czernin (Nos 3) K296b
  5. 12 Contredanses for Count Czernin (Nos 12), K269b
  6. Sonata No 9 in D major, K 311:  I Allegro Con Spirito
  7. Sonata No 9 in D major, K 311:  II Andante Con Espressione
  8. Sonata No 9 in D major, K 311:  III Rondo – Allegro
  9. Allegro in G Minor, K 312/590d
  10. Adagio in B Minor, K 540
  11. Variations on “Unser dummer Pöbel meint,” K 455
  12. Sonata No. 12 in F Major, K 332: I. Allegro
  13. Sonata No. 12 in F Major, K 332: II. Adagio
  14. Sonata No. 12 in F Major, K 332: III. Assai allegro
  15. Ave Verum Corpus K 618


The Paper Kites – At the Roadhouse

Australia’s soft countrified slow blues rock quintet is a beautiful, harmonic, and melody spectacular amidst changing atmospheres and wonderfully connective lyrical compositions.  If you don’t feel that in the first five songs, than this is certainly out of your roadhouse, and while I do not pass any judgement, I’m worried for your music listening career.  I am not an ultra fan of country, that’s been well documented, but when this kind of melody and connection (not only between instruments and vocals, but with the listener) it is a stand up and take notice moment.  There is not a solitary song on this 16 track album.  What’s even more astounding is the recording arena, as stated by the title.  When you come in you know where you are, and by the end of the record, which ends on an emotional stunning, ‘Darkness At My Door’ you can either stand up and clap or maybe cry, and then you hear the people — they never left, and neither did you or your ears.

This album feels good, hurts so good (yes, song there), and the tempered incoming and out-going instrumentalism cuddling, tempting, and flirting with the lyrics and melodies come from everywhere.  I am reminded of listening to Calexico in the lighter deliveries and dustiness, as well as the melody of Blue Rodeo softer songs, and of course the tightness of the Eagles.  This is a slam dunk in its genre, feel, and production.  If you listen to At the Roadhouse, and you love those I’ve stated above, this can easily make your best albums of 2023, and I know it has for us here at Beyond Your Radio.  It’s also time to go down a rabbit hole of their catalog, and hope that they step foot past the west coast into lovely Buffalo, NY or close by (I’m sure they’re not reading this review, but a music multiverse listener like myself can hope).

The Band

  • Sam Bentley – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Christina Lacy – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Josh Bentley – drums, percussion
  • David Powys – guitars, banjo, lap steel, backing vocals
  • Sam Rasmussen – bass guitar, synthesizers

Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

At the Roadhouse Tracklisting

  1. Midnight Moon
  2. Till the Flame Turns Blue
  3. Black & Thunder
  4. Marietta
  5. Rolling On Easy
  6. Hurts So Good
  7. Good Nights Gone
  8. Burn the Night Away
  9. June’s Stolen Car
  10. Maria, It’s Time
  11. Green Valleys
  12. The Sweet Sound of You
  13. I Don’t Want to Go That Way
  14. Pocket Full of Rain
  15. Mercy
  16. Darkness At My Door


Moon Cover – Sun King

It’s now time to reach into the Ripple Music 2023 expansive psychedelic, stoner rock cart for Sun King from Moon Coven!  When Ripple Music makes a release, it’s like the sonic, psyche-lord of all things in this genre has spoken, and that will be the end of that, listen if you dare, and drop the needle!  Here comes the sonic!  Her are the crushing riffs swaying demonically in your headphones tempting you further into the lair of psychedelic mayhem that will undoubtedly commense and consume!  And, then, you wait for it.  What are we waiting for?  The vocal.  It’s the big surprise.  It’s their reveal.  And, for Moon Coven, it definitely an Ozzy-ish throwback style and pitch, which for most will throw you into very lap of luxury!  You’ve entered the plaza of ear pleasures and hard metal throbbery of which you’ve been hankering (whether you knew this album was coming, or you just couldn’t wait for the next Ripple release)!

There’s not a moment spared in hard fuzz guitar magnificence.  The lyrics and the delivery are spaced and timed so that the stranglehold of Moon Coven’s pace is never interrupted.  This is an album to be played loud, whipping through your convertible or your biker gang’s caravan!  Go!  Grab the handle bar and twist!  Wrap your hands around the bench press and ripp away with the pent up fever, fire and underlying doom scratching at the surface of your very being.  Who is the Sun King?  My vision is scary as hell, fire-breathing guitar, Mad-Max-Fury Road phantasm, and cool as shit!  Bow down and ‘Behold the Serpent’ in all its slinky splendor my music multiverse doom-stoner-rockers, as this album has all the elements for a final throwdown at the mountain of best albums of 2023!  (Oh, poor, Rhiannon Giddens… maybe she’s get lucky and Hail the Void and Moon Coven will destroy each other at the pinnacle of the decision).  All hail Ripple‘s den of psychedelic doom exquisite ear splendor!

The Band

  • David Leban – Vocals & Guitar
  • Fredrik Dahlqvist -Drums
  • Axel Ganhammar – Guitar
  • Oscar Johansson – Bass & Vocals
  • Justin Boyesen – Guitar

Sun King Tracklisting

  1. Wicked Words In Gold They Wrote
  2. Seeing Stone
  3. Sun King
  4. Behold the Serpent
  5. Below the Black Grow
  6. Gilden Apple
  7. The Yawning Wild
  8. Death Shine Light On Life
  9. The Lost Color 05:39


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