Album Review Saturdays 2023 Episode 3

On this Album Review Saturdays 2023 Episode 3, we showcase two albums from the great country and musicianship of Canada! One has the tenacity and new following in the psychedelic rock community, hailing as one of the year’s best.  One’s voice is so legendary, soothing and storytelling, we’re pretty sure he could be in any kind of band against any type of instrumental background.  All in all these make for fantastic experiences in new music listens for 2023!

Hail the Void – Memento Mori

If you’re a metal, hard rock, psychedelic rock lover, and you don’t know this record already – the first time you hear it (you have to get past “Mind Undone” two-minute noise opener) you’re going to have that feeling.  What feeling you ask?  You’ll know it.  It’s like the first time you heard Metallica, or Alice In Chains, or Nirvana.  What!? This is 42 minutes (notice I left out the opener’s two-minutes, if you’re paying attention) of shear blistering, riff-tastic magic made in the kingdom of all that is holy in guitar, bass and drum and in the vocal delivery of the lead void!  How can we be so certain? Just check out the Twitter feeds from all kinds of true travelers in this musical style multiverse, and you will be absolutely certain.  But don’t take my word for it.  Put your headphones on, get ’em cranked up!  It’s the rock record of the quarter, and it’s going to be around for the top 23 of 2023!  These boys from Vancouver know what they’re doing.  They’ll be adoring doom, psyche, metal fans “hailing” and falling into their “void,” if they haven’t already!

The band:

Kirin Gudmundson – Vocals/Guitar
Dean Gustin – Bass
Curtis Bennet – Drums

Memento Mori Track Listing:

1.  Mind Undone
2.  Writing on the Wall
3.  Goldwater
4.  Talking to the Dead
5.  High and Rising5:59
6.  100 Pills
7.  Serpens South
8.  The Void


City and Colour – The Love Still Held Me Near

Dallas Green has legendary status in Canadian music, and as a heart-felt human being.  Band member of Alexisonfire, the other famous half of You+Me (with P!nk), or as his City and Colour [solo career], gives you the depth and multitude of styles he can write, develop, and reach for!  City and Colour seems to be the stronger folk heart of Dallas Green rooted closely in the blues, and the power of the vocal and lyrics has always set the mood and tone.  The instruments play beautiful, simple and delicate in arrangement around him.  This record, which continues the similar styles and beautiful pitch vocals within the frame work of his lyrical powers is going to continue to win more and more adult contemporary music lovers into his City and Colour.  This is an album that definitely is emotional in it’s delivery, and the sensible blues, raw subtle rock and folk, carefully holds it all together.  He is a master of his craft, and City and Colour continues to be a marvelous vessel in the music multiverse.

The band:

Dallas Green – Vocals, Guitars, Piano
The rest of the artists contributing were unknown to us at the time of this posting

The Love Still Held Me Near Track Listing:

1. Meant To Be
2. Underground
3. Fucked It Up
4. The Love Still Held Me Near
5. A Little Mercy
6. Things We Choose To Care About
7. After Disaster
8. Without Warning
9. Hard, Hard Time
10. The Water Is Coming
11. Bow Down To Love
12. Begin Again

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