Album Review Saturdays 2023 Episode 5

This album review Saturdays has got real soul and heart from some really talented ‘broken bones.’  An acoustic surprise that tantalizes from what would have been considered the progressive planet of Mars.  Then we finish off in a truly cinematic masterpiece that has no screen play only a devouring soundtrack straight out of a tension experiment in time.  Are you intrigued?!  Well then, lets get on with this week’s album review Saturdays, so you can find out which one — or all you are going to have filtering into your music multiverse playlist!

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Angels In Science Fiction

Their new album has a lovely rhythm and blues that’s vocally soulful, and layered quietly with very soft muscianship and subtle additions to create gorgeous texture from the lead…which is definitely the vocal strength we have known about in this group for the last two albums.  If you’re looking for the groove and move, it’s there to some degree, but not that blowback, R&B dance hall style they were taming since their indie sound caught the audio waves.  It’s more about the lyrics, their ability to draw you in at every strained syllable and carefully positioned octave.  It’s really a solid outing, and definitely a must listen for an adult contemporary lover that might have been on the outside looking in.  The vocal is magical, calling out a newer, indie-blues Marvin Gay, and the flow is magically arranged in that continued experimental R&B they conjure so effortlessly.  It draws you in, and in a new way from the first song to the closer, ‘Marigold.’
The band:

Paul Janeway: Lead Vocals
Browan Lollar: Guitars, Vocals
Jesse Phillips: Bass
Kevin Leon: Drums, Percussion
Al Gamble: Organ, Piano
Allen Branstetter: Trumpet
Amari Ansari: Saxophone
Chad Fisher: Trombone



Angels In Science Fiction Track Listing:

1. Chelsea
2. City Federal Building
3. Magnolia Trees
4. Sea Star
5. Heat Lightning
6. Angels in Science Fiction
7. Wolf in Rabbit Clothes
8. South Dakota
9. Oporto-Madrid Blvd
10. Lonely Love Song
11. Easter Bunny
12. Marigold


The Mars Volta – Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon

This acoustic performance of their previously, self-titled 2022 release gives you the complicated intricacies that you definitely missed when this record came crashing into the progressive rock scene last year.  Like all of their records do – right!?  You knew they were talented.  You knew they could crush the scene, the space, and fill a record with all kinds of instrumentation and crisp, high charged vocals.  And, when you sink your ears into this ultimately stripped down performance, you feel more of the depth of the song writing, the melody intended in the under toe of their spastic progressions and passionate pace.  They really dot the musical “I” and cross the attentive “T” with this, making you really re-think the power of the record in just the acoustic delivery.  It’s a huge surprise, and if I were them, I’d experiment with this further because there’s a jazz element here that could shake the foundation of any small club!  The Mars Volta might have delivered one of the most challenging acoustic albums that we can remember, and we are thinking — why not do this with all your albums?  Oh now there’s a box set we would want in our collection!
The band:

Omar Rodríguez-López – guitar, fluteproductionengineering
Cedric Bixler-Zavala – vocals
Marcel Rodríguez-López – keyboards, Mellotron, piano, additional percussion, mixing
Eva Gardner – double bass
Daniel Diaz – percussion
Leo Genovese – piano





Que Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazon Track Listing:

1. Blacklight Shine (Acoustic)
2. Graveyard Love (Acoustic)
3. Shore Story (Acoustic)
4. Blank Condolences (Acoustic)
5. Vigil (Acoustic)
6. Que Dios te maldiga mi corazon (Acoustic)
7. Cerulea (Acoustic)
8. Flash Burns From Flashbacks (Acoustic)
9. Palm Full of Crux (Acoustic)
10. NoCaseGain (Acoustic)
11. Tourmaline (Acoustic)
12. Equus 3 (Acoustic)
13. Collapsible Shoulders (Acoustic)
14. The Requisition (Acoustic)


Ital Tek – Timeproof

This is the seventh album by Alan Myson, an English electronic musician and soundtrack composer from Brighton (which outside of Sussex).  This was our first experience into his par-sec in the music multiverse, and it was the cover and title that engaged us enough to click further while scouring  This record has so many movements and menacing elements running through it that it’s a musical soundscape to a tense, mind-bending motion picture that plays out in sound (and obviously time).  We’re paying attention — you can’t help it with this album!  He knows ambient pace, and he seems extremely aware of the time and length required in repetition to lose faith in the electronic grand design.  Alan has his finger on the pulse of each track and rising and falling sound action as you walk carefully with your ears (are you following us here) through this 43 minutes in audio time.  It’s a tone told in dense unpredictability but left to your perceptions as the time ticks away.  There’s no question that in the future there’s a good chance he’s going to make the Oscar list.

The band:  Alan Myson – Composer, Electronic Musician, artist (of sound)

Timeproof Track Listing:

1. Phantom Pain
2. Staggered
3. The Mirror
4. One Eye Open
5. Cold Motion
6. Heart String
7. Darking
8. Zero Point
9. The Next Time You Die
10. Timeproof


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