Album Review Saturdays 2024 Episode 22

This particular Album Review Saturdays 2024 Episode 22 didn’t go off without a hitch.  I was unable to get the time with travel and playing times in Columbus, Ohio Lacrosse Tournament with my two daughters, and Suzie Q.  However, what I wrote and got together allowed me to have a video only of this particular week, and The Grateful Dude was able to join me.  I apologize to those few of you that enjoy my writing style and sub-references and odd italic back-comments, I promise that we will return to have both features on Beyond Your Radio.  But this, Episode 22 of Album Review Saturdays 2024 was unable to be written produced due to time constraints and my inability to privately sit and write.  But, I promise the video review is red hot!  (Okay, yeah, I’m burnt like a lobster).

[Mark Kuligowski discusses these (3) albums with panelist The Grateful Dude, and they add one more cool review!]

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