Amanda Ghost on Unknown Sunday 02-2016

This week’s “unknown” goes back fifteen plus years, and it’s one of those unfortunate things when something good or great just doesn’t take off, and the band separates or just becomes no more. I find it tragic when suddenly there’s not that second album. I want that next step in their evolution. I want to hear another version of that emerging potential and style that had blossomed and impressed. Often, I find myself perusing the archives of musical band history (Wikipedia and more) to see if they’ve come up somewhere else…or possibly taken it to a solo level. There are some that took it so much further—that you just can’t believe it. So, I guess this could be a bit confusing….being titled “unknown” and all…
This one became a “ghost” of sorts, Amanda Ghost. In the year 2000 (yes, if you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter we did a little post going back to albums/artists of that year—and joked about the skit made by Conan on his late night show), Ms. Amanda Louisa Gosein a singer songwriter from Enfield put a record out with Warner Bros. called Ghost Stories.” It was a grab you by the ears, alternative electronica recording, which featured Amanda’s vocals and punchy lyrics amidst a classical trip-hop, if you will. She had her finger and ear on a pulse of music that was going places, and the record certainly did not shy away from any of it.

Four singles came from the album, and that’s a lot for a 2000 solo, female debut not in the exact mainstream of music. “Filthy Mind,” “Glory Girl,” “Silver Lining” and “Idol” which might, if you check the songs out, suddenly refresh your memory, if you don’t remember this artist at all. Amanda’s album is a strong mix of confessions of confrontations, self loathing, romantic notions wrapped up in different, evocative melodies, beats and electronic production. A dynamite of a first record, and one that I certainly thought was one of the best of 2000.  All Music’s Bryan Buss confessed that this was one hell of a debut album that would be hard to follow up, but…she would be no one hit wonder. Well, he was…right. There was a second album in 2006, but none of us ever heard it, right? I searched the world over for it, believe me! There’s no mention of its name on any album list. There’s Blood on the Line: The Download Collection which I’ve never been able to wrestle to get a copy or even listen (and I started trying again, when writing this article), and it does not have single songs that were listed after Ghost Stories had its run. Maybe Amanda will get this artivle by some devine RRS feed and suddenly send it to me out of self pitty to my recording buying devotion.

Then in February 2009 she becomes the president of Epic Records! Then, after that “wild west ride” she starts her own label, Outsiders with Universal Music Group. So I’m figuring—sweet, now she can release an album, right? No. She’s still pushing, trying to become the second coming of Diane Warren apparently, writing songs/co-writing for Scissor Sisters, Florence and the Machine (Ceremonials), John Legend, Beyonce (these are some very popular tracks), James Blunt (which “You’re Beautiful” got her that Epic gig in the first place), Shakira, Jordan Sparks, Prodigy, Ian Brown, Sub Focus and ASAP Rocky. All of which is cool, and ultimately confirms exactly what was said earlier that she would be no one hit wonder…she’s got plenty of hits, Grammy Nominees, Golden Globe Nominee, and more…and while there’s probably not going to be an album coming out soon, I will take comfort that she remains a wild part of the musical multiverse like an unruly “ghost” in the background.

Now I just have to keep up with who she’s promoting…working with…it’s a hard life.


Albums in my collection:  Ghost Stories

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back on January 10th of 2016, and at the time she was already starting Unigram Productions and getting into crossing medias; like Movies and TV, as well as continuing to write songs for all kinds of popular artists (many of which were used in Motion Picture Soundtracks).  Currently, she produced the soon to release Tetris movie on AppleTV and the Broadway adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” as a musical in 2024!

I still hope for that second album promo “Blood on the Line” to get a full release or put with songs she’s been holding on to for some digital album.   – Mark Kulgowski  [March 26, 2023]

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