Canada Day & 4th of July Private Party on Unknown Sundays

On this the weekend of both Canada Day and the 4th of July (please recall that this was back in 2016), North America as a whole is celebrating with all kinds of music, fireworks, food and beverages. So, I thought I would pick a cross-border line up of virtually “unknowns” from Canada and the United States. Two that are just ramping up, and two that I’m still waiting anxiously for a triumphant, unsuspected reunion of.  A different kind of line up that would have been a lot of fun. Ready for my “Unknown” Private Party!?
Kicking off the show let’s raise some hell! No better way to start it off, and Dorothy, from California has the chops and attention of hell raising, back from the deadness quick-school rock. This is your female lead with Black Keys like attention to detail, and a dedicated crew to pull it off. Rockisdead is a juggernaut and these are openers you want, and that people will remember, like they did Shirley Manson of Garbage. Dorothy Martin personifies a personality that has been missing from American Rock, and it’s not only refreshing–it’s in your face–where it should be! Yes, the Prettyreckless have some competition or admirers–and you shouldn’t care–in fact–I would double book them! Check out “After Midnight” to get a good feel– After Midnight Video — I assure you you will understand the booking note!
Let’s start off the Canadian portion of our program with the band, July Talk! After all it’s July, right! And, they fit the sound and delivery we’re looking for–and the “then some” we have come to expect from Canadian performances! With “Push + Pull” generating so much alternative radio buzz in Canada, and the dueling vocal combat ready dance-pop and Jon Waite raspy growling, July Talk is a band sure to get the crowd mixed into the concept of Ying and Yang, Canada-United States intermingling appreciation for all walks of life and musical interpretation. Check them out!  You will understand where I’m coming from and the locomotive cross-border path they’re most likely on (again, this was back in 2016)!
Okay, it’s time for some throwback-garage blues and funk! Sugartooth. You’re like–who? Let’s pretend you had early Soundgarden in an airplane crash with a bus load of blues guitarist, and a Rage Against the Machine production engineer. Too much carnage, I know! This is one band from California that a lot of us “garage rock appreciators” have never understood how they just faded from radio play. The insanity of riffing, rocking, and rhythm was spot on, and unique and inventive from track to track. “Sold My Fortune” kicked off their me-too sound from 90’s but it was “Booty Street” and “Club Foot” that should have put fannies shaking above rock venue seats for years to come. But, somehow even with David Geffen signing them–the band ended shortly after. Their self-titled debut and The Sounds of Solid are worth the listen or download to hear why it all left such a alt-rock funky impression.
No sense, in my opinion, to take it down any notch! One of my beloved Canadian bands that alas fell to a similar fate as Sugartooth, needs to be there for the sex-driven, inappropriate non-apologetic soul-funk, alt-rock spasm that can get everyone to that fever pitch! Ready?! Bootsauce! The Brown Album continues to be one my favorite Canadian under-rated albums of all time. I compare it’s lively funk and spirit of creativity beyond the compartmentalized music of that time, to De La Soul’s bombastic 3 Feet High & Rising(although not hip-hop, obviously) in scope and relentless pursuits of a unique sound and love. It’s sexy, feel good, romping worthy of a headliner’s opening act. I can just feel them opening their set with the phone message machine “13th Psalm” from the follow up album, Bull, and them plunging into “Scratching the Whole,” “Catastrophe Seas,” “Sex Marine,” “Love Monkey #9,” and then slowing it down for “Payment Time” and “Play with Me” before bass riffing into more–until climaxing with “Masterstroke,” “Big Bad and Groovy,” “Hold Tight” and “Everyone’s A Winner.”
Now, let’s end this before it’s too late for fireworks!
PS: I can’t afford fireworks, so hopefully the bands come back on and play a set all together!

July Talk Albums in my collection:   Touch (2016)  Pray For It (2020)
Dorothy Albums in my collection:   Gifts from the Holy Ghost (2022)  28 Days In the Valley (2018)  Rock Is Dead (2016)
Sugartooth Albums in my collection:   Sounds of Solid (1996)  Self-Titled (1994)
Bootsauce Albums in my collection:   Bootsauce (1994)  Sleeping Bootie (1993)  Bull (1992)  The Brown Album (1990)

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back on July 3rd, 2016, and I was certainly all in for going to concerts during this time of the year, especially when they were doing things called “Friendship Festivals” between the borders at certain venues showcasing a lot of great Canadian acts.  Those days are long gone, but the cross border musical relationship still continues, and while Bootsauce continues to be broken up with no return in sight, Dorothy and July Talk have made considerable markings on the music world (Dorothy made our top 22 of 2022)!  Now here’s the real shocker — and if I would not have done this, I would not have realized there’s a new album from Sugartooth!  What!?  I was linking to their site — thinking, eh, there won’t be one, and low and behold the site was live.  Heading – NEW ALBUM, Volume 3!  Thank you Canada Day and 4th of July!  – Mark Kuligowski  [July 2nd 2023]

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