Hauschka on Unknown Sundays 01-2015

Hauschka has been around the instrumentally deep, avant-garde composition music scene for a while.  And, when you consider the expert pianist that Volker Bertelmann is and the catalog of music and score compositions, he is a perfect example for the first post of Unknown Sundays. The awareness to utilize composer Vincenz Hauschka last name is another example of the progressiveness of Volker’s unique blend of classical piano and modern — even alternative-like approaches to overall compositions.

Even as an avid music collector, and one who goes beyond the first 20 pages of releases per week, I sometimes just pass up on artists, bands, soundtracks, because of time or just sometimes it’s the terrible look of the album cover–or the name of the band (sorry). And, I certainly believe Volker Bertelmann’s name would have been something I would have passed on over.  However, seeing the well developed font, band name of Hauschka and the brooding album cover and title, “Abandoned City,” I was hooked without a single sound.  A note to all of you out there with the talent, ear, and love of musicianship like Mr. Bertelmann, that you should always consider the power of marketing (just ask Finger Eleven, who were originally “The Rainbow Butt Monkeys”).  Although, I guess Ólafur Arnalds or Alexandre Desplat didn’t go this way and things have worked out splendidly for them.

For my first ever “unknown” on Sunday, it’s an instrumental (slightly electronic) band called Hauschka, and their dark, dense album that started me down the rabbit hole of the entire catalog (well as much as I can get) –  “Abandoned City.” I don’t do reviews here, I just simply put this out there for you all ear-ing around the music multiverse, as I would hate for your to miss out on this extremely talented musician. There’s no question that there’s a soundtrack in the future with their name all over it!


Albums in my collection:  Ferndorf, Foreign Landscapes, Silfra, Abandoned Cities, What If, and A Different Forest

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back in March 1, 2015 on our old website.  In that year, Volker Bertelmann was nominated for the soundtrack to “Lion” the following year.  And, I’m posting this archive today on our new website, he’s nominated for Oscar this Sunday for “All Quiet on the Western Front!”  Hauschka still remains a staple of my music listening per year, and “Abandoned City” remains a favorite for “Meal To Music” that I hope to put on in the very near future!  It was our 11th pick for top 15 albums of 2015.  Oh, and he just won the Oscar for “All Quiet On the Western Front!”  – Mark Kuligowski [March 12, 2023]

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