Kitchen Witch On Unknown Sundays 2024


So let’s turn up the fuzz, push the hard rock blues button, and let soulful and powerful unknown female hang her notes like Ann Wilson of Heart or shatter the skull in any stoner rock epic.  This is Kitchen Witch On Unknown Sundays 2024 on Mother’s Day.  So, get heavy on and raw with it you — mother lovin’ blues rockers!  Let me start out by wishing all those rockin’, bluesin’, hip/hop trippin’, classical kickin’, soul flippin’ and progressive ear-lovin’ mother of the music multiverse a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day.  You are the birth of it all and without you and your selflessness, we are all done and gone.  So, I raise this band, and woman within it, a relatively unknown in the music world, along with a glass to you all!  Now, on with this kick ass hard blues and fuzzed out rock band that I discovered because had the wrong name and album picture for two bands.  True story!

Did I mention I scour after I’ve exhausted two other new release sites on the Internet, just to make sure I’m not missing something?!  If I haven’t, you probably already figured that by the obscurity of some of the things we listen to and report on, on this article or on our shows.  And, when I mean that I don’t want to miss something, that can be just based on seeing an album cover that draws my attention.  And in this case, it did, 11 pages deep into the new release listing in (which is horribly put together, but I’m sure they could care less), I saw this stoner, heavy psyche album cover, noting it’s cool look, but I still kept scrolling because the band name didn’t register or make any sense (sorry that I don’t remember it, and I looked back so they obviously cleaned it up).  Then, I saw the album cover again, which was strange on page 13, but the band name — well that fit!  Kitchen Witch!  Attention grabbed, album purchased (a bit later when the price fell), and I did let Amazon know that they had a wrong album cover for another band.  Yes, I’m the guy that puts albums back in the right place, if they’ve been improperly placed (after all I know most record store owners and love them to death).

Trouble!  Got to love a band or an artist that sings a song with that title and intent, or a band makes that their album title and delivers!  That is the 2015 EP of Australia’s Kitchen Witch, and they definitely ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ getting right into the thick of the hard rock blues pool with a cannon ball, wreckless splashing, and momentous glory!  From the dark riffing, to the soul-spilling blues vocals that seem to harken from a woman who has somehow sucked the old souls of Janis and Dinah Washington into a female version of Robert Plant, to the sound-shifting doom rock grooves, Kitchen Witch has everything a 70s heavy rock officianto would orgasm over!  Don’t believe me? Oh you should.  I’ll give you a link to a live performance back in 2018 that sound ridiculous for an outside show on YouTube below, and you can thank me later!

While I cannot get over the vocal of Georgie Cosson, and you won’t either, the reason this works so well is also her bandmates and their complete, submerged delivery of the doomy, heavy blues while being able to carefully shred or move into a soulful place to ensnare the rapture of her vocal reach.  It seems to come effortlessly for both band and Cosson, and that’s the magic of it all!  There’s not a moment wasted on albums from the longer tracks to the more standard blues rock late night radio pieces.  This particular band find is a rarity that deep in the web, that far gone from bands that probably have no business even being on any pages prior to them.  Just think of the stuff you’ve listened to that was on the first five pages of  There is no disappointment and no let up for this Unknown Sundays from Kitchen Witch!


The Band is currently, and I don’t think it has changed since their conception in 2013:
  • Georgie Cosson – Vocals
  • Conor Kinsella – Guitars
  • Simon Elliott – Bass
  • John Russo – Drums, Percussion

Now, the truth of the matter of this posting is that I was really searching this Mother’s Day for something to put out there, and I had a lot of choices, but it was the fact that Kitchen Witch came up in my FORGOTTEN FAVORITES and they have a brand new single out ‘Glitch’, which is on the bandcamp page (you know I normally don’t listen to singles from any band – it’s albums baby), but I broke my rule on this occasion because it was seven minutes, and I just knew it was going to drive my heavy, stoner blues ear nuts!  Hopefully, it will do the same for you!

Albums by Kitchen Witch In My Collection
  • Kitchen Witch (2017)
  • Back To the Mud [EP] (2016)
  • Trouble [EP] (2015)
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