Low Flying Hawks On Unknown Sundays 07-2016

The Low Flying Hawks come to our music multiverse attention through the dark surrendering, slow moving psycho-delia doom-sludge subway, emerging as a metal rumbling and earth tremorring crunch and horroristic howl. Intrigued or completely hiding under the covers? Don’t hide! Be brave and intrigued! Give these “type” o-Melvins a chance (Type O Negative sounding, yes, and these are couple of members of the Melvins involved in the band’s formation). The sludge is deep, but you have 51:30 to go…before…you probably won’t…sleep.
Kofuku begins with a Rob Zombie like 48 second post, which doesn’t exactly prepare you for what comes next. But then again, did you really want it to? Good! Us either! The darkness immediately envelops the chords electrostaticing with the howlingly low vocal delivery as ‘Now, Apocolypse’ and ‘Seafloor Fathom’ take into their musical abyss. ‘White Temple’ keeps asking for release from “this,” and the album isn’t half way through yet! But then, the interlude of ‘Kokai’ delivers us into a hazy stoner groove ‘Ruins’ at 7 minutes where the epic quality of the band really starts to take hold, redirect the darkness toward the monstrosity the is ‘Destruction Complete.’
This is a dark place that will not be for some listeners, but the level of commitment to the dark details of each drudging chord is a shadowy symphonic pleasure. The base playing alone should leave an impression like a vicious murder scene might leave on a scholared homicide detective addicted to the thrills of a new serial hunt. There should be no question in any music listener’s ears and mind that The Low Flying Hawks have created and mastered a very powerful, crushing record here, that will thrill, scare, and bewilder the metal community long after the earth has stopped vibrating from every inch of this band’s oral and instrumental footprint.

Low Flying Hawks Albums in my collection:   Genkaku (2017), and Fuyu (2021)

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back on February 14 of 2016, and at the time there was no question that metal was making it’s turn, and some bands were experiencing great execution of it (this band truthfully), but the industry was definitely keeping its favorites and albums and bands like these were falling to Bandcamp and other medias to get their sound across.  This was a complete stumble upon, and I was certainly glad to have done so.  The genre has just intensified and fortified itself in that last seven years, and I have grown to really appreciate this on an entirely new melodic, blues-driven level despite the darker it may seem to get.  This is pretty damn smart, primitive-like execution that demands your attention, and a rabbit hole worth exploring, if not for the albums, but for the genre entirely!   – Mark Kulgowski  [April 23rd 2023]

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