The Endless – Special Unknown Sunday 16-2016

Endless, meaning to have, literally, no end.  Seems like a simple enough concept, yet not all things or people get to this place (or at least that we are aware of).  Please hang in there with me, as this first paragraph is written in the present, and modified to fit, but it will all become clear as you move down the article as to how it fit in Unknown Sundays, and still does to this day.  The Endless came from the Pink Floyd release at the time, and I was so smitten with the cover and the visual of it, and all that it could possibly mean that I used it as the inspiration.  The Endless – Special Unknown Sunday here is all about the time we have, and taking that into consideration.  Now back to the original archive text (thank you).

Life comes at you like some invisible “unknown” baseball game with devastating curve balls, life changing knuckle balls, and bases loaded pressure situations. And, just when you thought you were going to take a nice walk-in run, you get hit with that pitch. You move on, but it hurts…it hurts bad.  Much like the sad songs of musicians who have passed (too many recently to mention) and those that announced they’re in dire straits. It has been a gloomy first months of 2016 on all fronts in my musical and personal opinion, but we’ll stay on the topic of music because we all have our life stories of trial and tribulation.

This “Unknown” Sunday has me taking Wednesday to write because it has been personal, and we always want what we share personally to be just so. We never know what life will have to offer, or if we will even know what to make of it’s vast or brief offering.  We want to make that grand impression and leave a certain–well–legacy, which is too big a word really.  I have written this article many times, each with a variety of musicians listed–famous, infamous, and barely known whom I’ve had the continuing pleasure of listening to long past their lives.  So, I offer this, which was read at my best friend’s son’s funeral this Monday.

“Do not judge a song by it’s duration, nor by the number of notes. Jude it by the way it touches and lifts the soul. Sometimes those that are unfinished are among the most beautiful. And when something has enriched your life, and when it’s melody lingers on in your heart–is it unfinished? Or is it endless?” – Unknown Author

Cherish every note my musical-multiverse travelers. Give every sound your attention with ears and heart open. Give the devil and the ghost in the instrument it’s due, along with the possessed soul who has been fortunate and blessed with the generous and torturous, selfless gift. Judge not! Sentence thyself to a sonic understanding or reckoning that will shake the foundation of your own life–for the very duration it is intended upon.  We feel everyday from and for all of you (legacy or not), because hopefully this is all–as endless–as it seems. And more hopefully, it helps us all realize that no matter our life’s journey–the commitment IS real, so that when it is no longer ours, people will know just how real it WAS.

We can all appreciate and will forever be grateful to Prince, David Bowie, John Berry (Beastie Boys), Merle Haggard, Maurice White (Earth Wind & Fire founding member), Glenn Frey, Lonnie Mack, and Sir George Martin (British Record Producer/Beatles), but I’d like to mention some that have gone on (over the years) and maybe their commitment should be revisited:

  1. Mark Sandman/Morphine (gone before his time…his band Morphine the dark INXS?)
  2. Jeff Healey (there is more to this blind guitar man–way more)
  3. Joe Cocker (famous, yes–but do we appreciate that voice–the heart of a cover song?)
  4. Wayne Static (he could produce, too–modern metal-mix with devastating growling cleverness)
  5. James Horner (Composer is much more than Titanic)
  6. Vic Chestnutt (It ain’t Supernatural, or maybe…one of the best haunting songs ever written)
  7. Laura Nyro (so many singer songwriters known why–do we the listener?)



Endless – Unknown Sundays  Side Note of Others that have passed recently:   The endless; Jeff Beck, Burt Bacharach, David Crosby, and Gordon Lightfoot, but here are some of those maybe in the “unknown” type status worldwide:

  1. Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees was a smidge of the solo artist he became and the astounding song writing he leaves behind)
  2. Gordon Downie (The frontman extraordinaire, Canadian charismatic lyricists, and genuine human being)
  3. David Jude Jolicoeur (Trougoy, Plug 2 was just — well De La “heaven”)
  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Composer, Pianist an inventive catalog and music scores – The Last Emperor, The Revenant to just name drop)
  5. Sinead O’Connor (Unique alternative vocal, passionate in her delivery no matter the song choice)

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back on June 29th, 2016, after a long hiatus of weeks between the death of a friend’s son, other goings-on in my professional and family life, and after writing about the terminal diagnosis of Gordon Downie of the Tragically Hip (which some day I might release).  So that’s where my headspace was at.  Still, to this day, I am continually touched by the artists that have had long or minimal catalogs, success, or very little, attempting to put into perspective the quote above.  I am not a musician, nor a famous blogger or You Tube sensation, barely with a gathering of subscribers, and my time might be limited, but I am still going to try to keep the endless idea that somehow what I might say, show, and/or tell on my platform might open an ear or two to something they didn’t understand, had no idea of, and find such a connection that it might make a difference — a connection.  Endlessly searching, listening, and reporting for you  – Mark Kuligowski  [August 6th 2023]

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