The Wind and the Wave on Unknown Sundays 02-2015

Back in August of 2014 Dwight A Baker and Patricia Lynn released “From the Wreckage” out of Austin, Texas under the very cool dual sided band name, The Wind and the Wave.  This is cleverly paced folk-blues rock in a genre that had been definitely re-energizing and morphing. For a debut recording (start to finish) The Wind and the Wave clamped down on the vigor of guitar pace, never settling for acoustic over electric or steel over mandolin (it’s got it all), and drove home fantastic lyrical delivery, which definitely put them at a more advanced pace then starting groups of this nature.  Not to mention the intimate drumming as well that really brings it all together.

Baker comes from studio background in a variety of categories from working with Blue October and Brandi Carlisle (to name drop a couple), and he represents the “WIND.” Lynn has the distinct and load carrying part as “THE WAVE.” Together they make a back porch jam session of southern psychedelic mixed with alternative acoustic-folk rock.  “From The Wreckage” was one of those records that gets lost in the barrage of modern, popular culture, which is no good for anyone. However, artists and producers of those successful in a genre know how to scoop up an opening act–hopefully (Mumford and Son, Alabama Shakes, just to think of a few). Pick up their boot stompin’ hard hitting “From The Wreckage” to get what the Austin fuss and romp is all about. Their latest record (7 songs) “Covers One,” which does not have the incredible Snow Patrol cover “Chasing Cars” on it, has some variety and nostalgic delivery that’s not as alt-folk as their debut album, but showcases the range and appreciation for history and industry ranging from Simple Minds to Cyndi Lauper to Stevie Nicks, with special takes on more current artists R Kelly, Sia and Regina Spektor.

I’m certainly ready to ride the next WIND and the WAVE when it hits, and where it hits. I’ll be out there in the musical surf wading with my waterproof, wireless headphones ready. Hope you will be, too.


Albums in my collection:  From the Wreckage, Human Beings Let You Down

This “Unknown Sundays” was done back in December of 2015 on our old website.  The second full length record, “Happiness Is Not A Place,” which was produced by Butch Walker (oh, yeah, go down that rabbit hole my friends – you will not be disappointed), definitely continued their duo-engaged alt-folk-blues with a step more toward rowdy + rough.  They toured with Walker, and even had some dates with Kaleo, which shows you the range of artistry they can hang with. “Human Beings Let You Down” brings in much modern techniques and production, which were interesting and proved that Lynn’s voice can deliver in any format or genre.  The folk part seems like it’s gone with a more blues-pop center moving in.  The Wind and the Wave just released their latest record, “Racing Hearts” at the very end of 2022, and it picks up where the last left off.  This band has always been on a cool pace, like their lyrics and how it speaks easily to a variety of ages and audiences.  It’s a great unknown to experience and listen to the evolution, especially when it’s a duo.  Where the “WIND” or “WAVE” takes us next – hopefully I live show near us!?  Well, maybe I’ll have to throw-down for that “Private Show” option…  – Mark Kuligowski [March 19, 2023]

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